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Opportunity’s Knocking Television Advertisement

When an investment opportunity’s knocking, take the SmartCheck challenge! Which financial pro would you select? Put your own broker to the challenge and run a check today.


You make the choice! Take part in these fictional financial scenarios where you choose your own path and watch the story unfold. Can you make the best financial decision?

The Dinner Party Video

Headed to a dinner party this holiday season? Play this interactive video to test your fraud detection skills.

The Graduation Video

Bet you wouldn’t miss your child’s graduation for the world. Play this interactive video so you don’t miss signs of fraud on an investment.

The Barbecue Party Video

Don’t let your guard down, especially at a casual gathering among friends. Play this interactive video and sharpen your skills of fraud detection.


We all want what’s best in life and that begins with making informed decisions. Watch this video to learn how a few simple steps can help you avoid some financial pitfalls.

What Do You Really Know About Your Financial Advisor?

Think you know all you need to about your financial pro? Think again. Learn why and how you should check your broker’s background.