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Elaborate Online Scams

Binary options fraud has reached a global scale and is harming more and more customers here in the U.S. Watch this video to learn how they operate so you can avoid them.

True Fraud Stories

Financial security all comes down to choices. Learn from the experiences of those who learned the hard way so you can spot fraud before it starts.

A Silvery Slope: Bob’s Story Video

There are many ways to ensure a deal is right for you. Bob’s investigation process includes research but it missed one crucial step – and it cost him.

Binary Options Fraud Ep.1

Some offers look way better on screen than they should. Watch this video so you can learn how you may be able to avoid binary options fraud.

Binary Options Fraud Ep.2

Lowell and nick where both smart and successful. So why did they fall prey to a binary options scam? Learn more.


We all want what’s best in life and that begins with making informed decisions. Watch this video to learn how a few simple steps can help you avoid some financial pitfalls.

What Do You Really Know About Your Financial Advisor?

Think you know all you need to about your financial pro? Think again. Learn why and how you should check your broker’s background.

Opportunity’s Knocking Television Advertisement

When an investment opportunity’s knocking, take the SmartCheck challenge!

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Investing can be risky. Make sure your financial professional is properly registered and check their disciplinary history.


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