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Improve your investing strategy with these important tips, lists, and guides on preventing fraud and smarter investing from the Office of Customer Education and Outreach. For the latest information on CFTC Enforcement Actions, visit the Enforcement Action Press Release page.

Stop sign and hand
Investor Articles / Published on
Mobile apps make finance more convenient than ever. You can check your holdings, your daily earnings, or make a trade while waiting for a table at your favorite restaurant, all from the palm of your hand. Unfortunately, anytime there is money…
Money Smart Week, Ben Frankling Winking
Investor Articles / Published on
On April 24, the CFTC’s Office of Customer Education and Outreach will join the National Futures Association, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy and the FINRA Investor Education Foundation for a…
Letter I within a circle
Investor Articles / Published on
Checking to make sure a financial professional is registered is a good way to help avoid fraud. It also is your key to knowing that if fraud or other problems come up, you may have a way to resolve the dispute. The CFTC’s Reparations Program…
Money Show
Investor Articles / Published on
The CFTC SmartCheckSM team will be at The MoneyShow Orlando to talk to investors and help them run background checks on their financial professionals. Attendees can find us in the exhibit hall at Booth #613. Stop by and pick up helpful materials or…
Traders Expo NY
Investor Articles / Published on
The CFTC SmartCheckSM team will be at The Traders Expo in New York to talk to attendees and help them run background checks on their financial professionals and firms. You can find us in the exhibit hall at Booth #204. Stop by and pick up helpful…
2017 resolve to protect
Investor Articles / Published on
Many people make New Year’s resolutions about money, but few resolve to stay on guard against fraud. That’s because, for the most part, people believe it will never happen to them. Unfortunately, it can and does. According to the Financial Fraud…
Two hands holding a graph
Investor Articles / Published on
    Jumping into a commodity pool is one of several ways you can trade in commodity futures markets.   A commodity pool is a shared private pool of money from multiple participants to speculate in futures, swaps, or options markets. The…
Gold Bars Danger Sign
Investor Articles / Published on
Maybe you’ve seen the commercials on TV, videos on the Internet, or received something in the mail. They predict economic instability and use graphs of past performance to “prove” gold, silver, or some other precious metal is not only your safest…
Dollar Symbols
Investor Articles / Published on
Off-exchange foreign currency trading, also called forex, is very risky. Beyond the general volatility between currency prices that any trader could face, fraud is prevalent in the market. In 2010, the then Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading…
Stop hand
Investor Articles / Published on
Today, a substantial number of binary options, a type of options contract in which the payout will depend entirely on the outcome of a yes/no proposition, are traded through online trading platforms. These trades often do not comply with U.S.…

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